‘The View’ co-hosts phone for ID prerequisites to use social media: ‘A fantastic idea’

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All 5 co-hosts of “The Watch” were being in scarce unanimous consent Wednesday as they known as for ID needs to be place in place in buy for people to generate and use social media accounts. 

For the duration of a dialogue on actor Idris Elba’s connect with for social media firms to make it obligatory that all users establish their id, every single of the co-hosts expressed agreement, with some citing “detest speech” and racism on social media to justify the requirement.


“I imagine this is a marvelous, wonderful idea. I imply, I am subjected day by day to racist attacks on social media. I’m talking every day. At times in the hundreds, at times in the hundreds, and it is unpleasant, it is hurtful, and it’s normally from an individual who has a cat icon, a flag icon, a frog icon … an eagle icon, and they are, I believe, just Twitter thugs, social media thugs hiding in their mama’s basements,” mentioned co-host Sunny Hostin. 

“These are cowards, and, you know, folks are always talking about I.D. needed for all kinds of points, then I.D. certainly really should be important, a verified I.D. ahead of you start off a social media account, simply because the motive people today are trolling like this is since there are minor to no effects since of their anonymity,” she extra. 

Departing conservative co-host Meghan McCain supported Elba’s suggestion and stated that people today are not able to just say whichever they want with out implications. She admitted she was thinking of quitting Twitter, saying it experienced come to be a “darker, uglier put” since the start out of the coronavirus pandemic. 


“If you are heading to ship racist notes … if you are heading to harass females, if you are heading to inform them you want them raped and killed, I imagine your employer really should know about it,” she reported. “I’m in fact pondering about quitting [Twitter]. I have a great deal of followers on there, and it’s been an outstanding platform to speak to persons and go through the news and every little thing, but absolutely in the previous 12 months, since the pandemic, it’s develop into a significantly more darker, uglier spot … Remain tuned. When I leave the exhibit, I may possibly stop Twitter the same day for this cause.”

Co-hosts Sara Haines and Pleasure Behar also agreed, with Haines admitting she experienced even reached out to people abusing her on social media in the past to say she wished to interview them and determine out why they behave in these a way. “They have to have to be accountable. You want to say it, which is good, but permit your little ones arrive to the table, enable your boss arrive to the table, allow your minister arrive to the desk and we’ll explore,” she said. 

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Behar lifted the query that if she is held accountable for the words and phrases she says, then “why shouldn’t some loser whose residing in his mother’s basement?” 

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg finished the segment by admitting she prevented negativity on social media completely by not even reading people’s responses.