Fifteen layout and trend assignments by learners at Vilnius Academy of Arts

“The formation of the fast ecosystem along with the substance surroundings has been partly driven

“The formation of the fast ecosystem along with the substance surroundings has been partly driven by our fear or wish to truly feel secure. It is our physical, product natural environment all around us that helps to actively and passively protect our identity. Our bodies are the direct bearers of our identification.

“The id addressed in the investigate interacts with the actual physical defense of one’s data and the neurotic motivation of an specific to preserve the id, even nevertheless there is no serious danger to it. Today our face has extra authority than ever prior to.

“By guarding the deal with, we are defending the id. Objects of structure substantiate the conclusion of the study do the job that we are a society of faces, yet my have confront has turn out to be the principal axis of generation.”

University student: Elena Lašaitė
Class: BA Communication Layout
Tutors: Mantas Lesauskas
E mail: [email protected]

Focus by Emilija Dryžaitė

“Performative identification Concentration is the very first visible Erasmus+ youth exchange identification of its kind, allowing for members to knowledge pursuits by straight interacting with design objects. This bachelor’s function will become a guide for future Erasmus+ youth exchange jobs, which reveals the advantages of design for the material and top quality of the project by itself.

“The website layout produced through the Aim project gets a reflection tool obtainable for all tasks, which facilitates the participants’ expression of emotions and self-assessment of the things to do overcome. This job offers an global, funded youth function method, communication and visible identity.”

Pupil: Emilija Dryžaitė
Course: BA Interaction Style
Tutors: Aušra Lisauskienė
Electronic mail: [email protected]

The invisible side of plastic by Emilis Jonaitis

“Huge manufacturing and use of plastic goods have saturated ecosystems with various varieties of plastic waste, which generally consist of little, scarcely seen microplastics. For zooplankton, little plastic particles are indistinguishable from meals and turn into a component of their diet plan, therefore entering the food items chain.

“Inevitably, the boundaries of the pure and the synthetic are setting up to blur. The movie illustrates present concerns about plastic pollution and invitations speculation about attainable future outcomes. The venture was made in collaboration with Plastic Justice.”

University student: Emilis Jonaitis
Program: BA Interaction Style
Tutors: Audrius Klimas
Email: [email protected]

You fashion collection by Gretė Labanauskaitė

You by Gretė Labanauskaitė

“The topic of the bachelor’s thesis was identified by the social exclusion of individuals with visible disabilities. Theoretical investigate was devoted to the examination of the expression of social values in the fashion context. The areas revealed the designer’s skill to delve into the practical restrictions of a narrow social group and defined the function of the work, to develop a clothes collection that prioritises the tactile way of figuring out fashion.

“The models were impressed by the Braille element, perceived by the main senses: contact, scent, and listening to. Explanatory texts have been supplied in formats available to the blind and partly-sighted. The social integrative fashion project is a assembly of two various worlds, the sighted and the blind, and a evidence that fashion can enable individuals with visual impairments combine into modern society.”

College student: Gretė Labanauskaitė
Class: BA Fashion Layout
Tutors: Jurgita Januškevičiūtė
Electronic mail: [email protected]

Camp phenomenon fashion collection by Ieva Tamutytė

Camp phenomenon by Ieva Tamutytė

“This master’s thesis researches camp phenomenon and its expression in present-day manner. Camp is introduced as a cultural phenomenon that is socially associated and matter to the zeitgeist, therefore, a hypothesis is raised that abnormal camp aesthetics can continue to keep its relevance in modern day fashion by manifesting ecological tips. The peculiar connection between camp phenomenon and cultural or substance “trash” presented in this examine enables the improvement of environmentally-friendly camp style dealing with the anthropocene.

“The job reveals how camp’s beneficial method in the direction of squander, blended with upcycling, can be adapted in style style and design. A collection of experimental manner objects made of waste, depicting camp features, is designed. This camp fascination with “trash” can be valuable not only in style but in shifting how we understand reusing and waste lifestyle in typical.”

Scholar: Ieva Tamutytė
Study course: MA Design Study and Concept
Tutors: Renata Maldutienė, Aušra Trakšelytė
Electronic mail: [email protected]

Pažink education tools by Kamilė Pakalniškytė

Pažink by Kamilė Pakalniškytė

“Pažink is a established of educational instruments for preschool young children. It is a exploration resource that was developed on the foundation of experiential training simply because I imagine that only by way of expertise does a youngster achieve information of lasting benefit.

“This set of negligible and aesthetic models gives you the chance to get to know your atmosphere up shut with not all sensory sensations. Given that there are few instructional actions in kindergartens with outside functions, I have developed this venture that will encourage exciting and gratifying outside things to do.”

University student: Kamilė Pakalniškytė
Program: BA Merchandise Design and style
Tutors: Julija Mazūrienė
Email: [email protected]

The Bigger The Better fashion collection by Lukas Ivanavičius

The Greater The Much better by Lukas Ivanavičius

“The subject of collection thesis was established by the extended-phrase establishment of unisex, oversize kinds in trend. The garments tendencies that grew to become well known in the 1990s erased the differences involving women’s and men’s clothes, evolved into visual overall body transformations in the 21st century.

“The selection targeted on the expressions of bodily deformation, the preconditions for which have come to be social and cultural modifications since the 18th century. Rococo, energy dressing, hip hop stylistic tendencies. The raise in apparel things of a specified period is creatively blended in the assortment and forming a new stylistic picture of the silhouette.”

University student: Lukas Ivanavičius
Training course: BA Trend Style and design
Tutors: Justė Tarvydienė
Electronic mail: [email protected]

Life after life by Milda Pakarkltė

Life soon after everyday living by Milda Pakarkltė

“Lifetime immediately after everyday living is a project questioning the strategies of remembering the deceased right now. It is a set of two objects, made making use of critical demise and afterlife symbols: drinking water, hearth, and tree. The 1st a person is a reusable ice candle holder tray for remembering at the cemetery. The ice candle holder is a additional sustainable option for the reason that ice simply just melts and disappears into the ground.

“A second object is a special position for remembering the dead at dwelling. Because of the stability system within, the photograph of the deceased human being seems only when the candle is lit. The photograph closes bit by bit as the ice melts, building a restricted period of time for remembering. The drinking water drops down, making a calming seem. The tree beverages the h2o.”

Student: Milda Pakarkltė
System: BA Merchandise Design
Tutors: Šarūnas Šlektavičius
E mail: [email protected]

A visual of the Teletouristic system by Paulius Buragas

Teletouristic technique by Paulius Buragas

“Teletouristic system’s intent is to develop an option to journey for people who can not because of to physical disability, a deficiency of methods, commitments or to take a look at sites which are hard to attain. The process is composed of a drone and storage capsule and is effective autonomously.

“Media from the drone is streamed straight to private digital fact environments and the flight is controlled by shared autonomy. The capsule will be mounted on a vertical area, therefore, it is shielded from minor vandalism, has a modest footprint and is capable to observe massive distances from a stationary situation. Quite a few capsules can be stacked into vertical columns.”

Student: Paulius Buragas
Program: BA Product or service Design and style
Tutors: Juozas Brundza
Email: [email protected]

Memory of items fashion collection by Urtė Vosyliūtė

Memory of merchandise by Urtė Vosyliūtė

“In the thesis Memory of merchandise the aim is to find the roots of id and to identify the design of private function. The object of investigate is a established of particular items, the material of which is divided into teams in buy to obtain the attributes that hook up the objects and delve into the thoughts created by them. In an energy to go over a broader field of style design, the operate is divided into 3 sections: a capsule clothes assortment, an experimental style style item, and a professional piece – a white t-shirt.

“The womenswear assortment is primarily based on a visible and associative analysis of individual products. The 2nd component, an experimental style and design item, examines the importance of memory in observation and evaluation of the setting all around us. The experimental item is presented in video format, which reveals the performative factor of the motion. The third section of the function is a industrial t-shirt that reveals a particular relationship involving a person and their recollections.”

College student: Urtė Vosyliūtė
Study course: BA Fashion Design and style
Tutors: Dainius Bendikas, Alevtina Ščepatova
E-mail: [email protected]

Eating experiences by Viktorija Stundytė

Consuming ordeals by Viktorija Stundytė

“Tableware serves as a relationship between the food and the eater, which has an influence on sensory perception of foodstuff and taking in conduct. Expression mirrored in the condition of tableware things both equally contributes to the sensory perception of food items and creates area for understanding – it coordinates eating behaviour in buy to enhance aware eating and concentrate on food stuff decisions and amount.

“This experience throughout the taking in method worries not only the pleasures of feeding on, but also seeking for broader implications of eating, which is a aspect of a sustainable foodstuff system eyesight that starts with the desk and the selection of what, how, and why we are taking in. The sequence of design objects aimed to create the sensory notion of foodstuff is composed of 7 unique forms of tableware equipment – serving dishes for h2o, berries, vegetables, eggs, seafood, meat and desserts.”

College student: Viktorija Stundytė
Training course: MA Design Research and Concept
Tutors: Mantas Lesauskas, Julija Mazūrienė
E mail: [email protected]

Hempcretelogic by Viltė Adomavičiūtė 

Hempcretelogic by Viltė Adomavičiūtė 

“Hempcretelogic is an experimental job with hemp shives and other ecological components. It features a wall, desk and lamp. All objects are sustainable, eco-friendly and one of a kind.”

Pupil: Viltė Adomavičiūtė
Class: BA Inside Design and style
Tutors: Rokas Kilčiauskas
E-mail: [email protected]

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