Billie Eilish Finds Her World-wide-web Existence Troublesome

Table of Contents1 The “Getting Older” singer said just one issue she’s even now attempting

“Why do persons have to have to have an impression about almost everything I do?”

The “Getting Older” singer said just one issue she’s even now attempting to figure out is her world wide web presence since it is “tough” to consistently see posts about herself on the web.

“I like the world wide web. I like memes and shit like that. But no subject what I do, I just cannot prevent myself,” Eilish instructed rapper Stormzy in an interview for i-D magazine.

“I’m in all places. I feel sorry for all the folks who detest me since they cannot keep away from me either,” Eilish continued.

Eilish mentioned that she does not like to go through stories or posts about her “doing this or that from someone who doesn’t know shit about [her].”

“Like, make sure you. I want to make tunes. I get aggravated about it. But it is amusing,” she reported. “Why do men and women need to have to have an feeling about every little thing I do or say or dress in or glance like and fucking feel.”

“I just want to make music,” she continued. “I’m just a random female who likes to sing. It is not that deep. Just hear to the new music and shut the fuck up about my existence.”

Eilish makes a superior position. You can study her whole interview with i-D journal below.

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