‘Weird and unfair’: Usain Bolt criticises advancements in spike technology | Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt stated that improvements in spike technology that could help wipe out his entire world records are laughable and that the new sneakers also give an unfair gain above any athletes not wearing them.

Right after athletes ripped as a result of the file publications in distance functioning with carbon-plated, thick-soled sneakers, the technologies has now moved into dash spikes, exactly where – although there is fewer time in a race for the gain to make an affect – it is even now ample to make a distinction.

“When I was told about it I couldn’t imagine that this

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Wahoo updates Elemnt Bolt computer | Colour screen & smart navigation

Wahoo has launched a second-generation Elemnt Bolt, introducing a colour screen and smart navigation to the popular GPS bike computer.

The Elemnt Bolt was first launched in 2017 as a computer for performance-minded cyclists, thanks to the aerodynamic shape of the unit and its integrated out-front mount, as well as the usual training data and navigation features we’ve come to expect from the best bike computers.

The new Elemnt Bolt retains that aero profiling – we’re talking about a very small aero gain here, but it looks cool – and borrows two key features from the Elemnt Roam.


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